Back in Action

To my lovely readers, I am incredibly sorry for the lengthy, sudden hiatus.  You must be wondering where in the world I have disappeared off to.  Let’s just say a combination of increased… Continue reading

Date Night @ Salt Tasting Room

After work one Friday, Chris and I spent a low-key evening basking in wine, cheese and each other’s company.  While normally this activity would be limited to our own quarters, we found ourselves… Continue reading

On My Plate Tonight: Chicken Havarti Quesadillas!

A perfect post-Bikram’s dinner – chicken & havarti quesadillas, mango salad, pico de gallo and guacamole.  

Bucket List Series: Skydiving

   Gifts.  Some are big.  Some are expensive.  Others, limited editions.  The best kinds of gifts, however, aren’t judged by size, price, or rarity.  Not for me at least.  Last year’s birthday gift… Continue reading

Love Your Body: All-Organic Cosmetics & Skincare Routine

It started off with food.  “Food Inc.”, “King Corn”, Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilema” and other films, books and articles of the like that I have come across have made it hard not… Continue reading

Bucket List Series: Lunch in the Streets

    If you have yet to try out one of the hundreds of food trucks that have recently popped up around the city, you are without doubt missing out.  To all the germ-a-phobes… Continue reading

The Mystery of Vivian Maier

I stumbled upon a fascinating story about departed Chicago-based nanny, Vivian Maier, whose passion and talent for taking photographs is only being recognized now, after her stash of over 10,000 negatives were found in… Continue reading

Littlegirlbigmeals, out.

Chris sat me down a couple days ago and told me he had something to show me.  My competitive instinct kicked in and without hesitating, I began to scour my brain for all… Continue reading