Date Night @ The Flying Pig

IMG_2025The Flying Pig

For his birthday, my boyfriend wanted to check out The Flying Pig in Yaletown – a “nouveau Canadian bistro” dedicated to delivering a seasonally-inspired menu using fresh, local ingredients.  Having had nothing but positive experiences at restaurants with a similar concept, including Edible Canada and Fable, I was very eager to try it out as well.

We arrived at T.F.P. just before 7pm and the restaurant was already buzzing with both very excited and content-looking people. Certain that this meant at least a 45-minute wait, I was somewhat pleased to see such a bustling crowd – it’s never a bad sign when it comes to the food.  One of the perks of dining in Yaletown of course, where restaurants are constantly overflowing with people, is that you can always grab a quick drink (and appie, if you must) at another restaurant or bar down the road while you wait for a table to open up.  So we were happy to leave our name and number and walked across to Hapa Izakaya to say a quick hello to a co-worker, and knock back a couple birthday drinks. I had even ordered a small appie off the Fresh Sheet to get our tastebuds going, but to our surprise, we were called back to the restaurant in less than 15 minutes.

Shortly after we were seated, a server came to greet us and informed us of the evening’s featured appetizers and entrées – all of which sounded enticing.  We ordered a bottle of red to share, and began to study the menu.  To start, we decided on the House Salmon Sampler, with wild salmon prepared three ways: smoked, candied and as a tartare; and the T.F.P. Cured Meat Selection, served with a selection of cheese.  We were both too hungry to snap a quick photo, let alone remember to do so before we devoured it all (I will get better at that, I promise), but I can’t say it was anything to remember T.F.P. by.  That’s not to say that I was disappointed – far from it, in fact.  Everything was fresh, and presented nicely – and the portions were decent might I add.

Our entrées, however were certainly a step up.  Chris’ rare AAA dry-aged striploin was a hefty 10oz slab of meat served along side a huge mound of “pomme alumettes” – in layman’s terms, matchstick potato fries.  I’m still unsure as to how I feel about the supposedly dry aged meat (it seemed less tender and juicy than I had expected), but what made up for it was the peppercorn brandy sauce that the steak was gently coated in… every last drop of it soaked up with the cheesy marrow bread we shared on the side.

It was my red wine braised short rib served with a side of cheddar mash and roasted bone marrow, however, that won me over.  A bite of the tender short rib, creamy cheddar mash, and succulent roasted marrow… let the flavours melt in your mouth, and voilà!  We have what is called a “mouth orgasm” – and if such things don’t exist, trust me when I say this, they do now.

Will I be going back?  A simple yes, I feel, would not suffice.  Let’s just say that I will most definitely be rounding up my fellow foodie friends and going back numerous times to try out their Beef Steak Tomato Bocconcini Duo, Seared Chili-Rubbed Skirt Steak, T.F.P. Signature Pork Chop with pulled pork poutine, Veal Piccata with parmesan risotto… And did I mention, they have a good-looking brunch menu too?

Want to know more?  Go ahead and visit their website or their Urban Spoon page by clicking on the link below.
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